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Best fit to data (blue line). Reference gradient (red lines):-605ms/day/deg C.
this is for an uncompensated steel pendulum -605ms/day/C (we hope to acheive within 10ms/day/C with compensation)

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26 Feb 2011 [20:00]
nothing to report - just enjoying 2 weeks during which the clock has lost only 0.5 seconds. Not sure why the recent slowing down - temperature compensation is ok [link] , still not certain about the barocompensator [link] but there is a lot of noise on the plot. The biggest effect at the moment is draughts, I think, caused by differential temperature with the centrally-heated room below. As spring settles in we should see less of this.

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Interval between data points: seconds [either 3 seconds (weather data is duplicated) or multiples of 60 seconds (all data is averaged)].

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