M.A., Ph.D., LL.D. (Cambridge), D.C.L. (Oxford)

Fellow of the British Academy
Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge
Emeritus Professor of Law, University of Cambridge
Bencher of the Middle Temple
Member of the Académie Internationale de Droit Comparé

Kevin Gray

Academic career

Fellow of Queens’ College, Cambridge 1975 - 1981
Yorke Prize (University of Cambridge) 1977
Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge 1981 - 1990
Lecturer in Law, University of Cambridge 1978 - 1990
Research Fellow (Philosophy/Law), RSSS, Australian National University 1990
Drapers’ Professor of Law, University of London 1991 - 1993
Senior Research Fellow, St John’s College, Oxford 1993 - 1994
Professor of Law, University of Cambridge 1993 - 2011
Professorial Fellow, Trinity College, Cambridge 1993 - 2011
Fellow of the British Academy 1999 -
Dean of Trinity College, Cambridge 2004 - 2015
Leverhulme Trust Major Research Fellow 2008 - 2011
Life Fellow, Trinity College, Cambridge 2011 -
Distinguished Visiting Mentor, Australian National University 2015

Visiting Professorships and Fellowships

Australian National University (Faculty of Law / College of Law / Urban Research Programme, RSSS); National University of Singapore; and the Universities of New South Wales, Osaka (Graduate School of Law), Stellenbosch, and Tasmania.

Research interests

Property theory: the meaning and function of property
Giving, taking and restoring
Environmental law and legal geography
The jurisprudence of the quasi-public domain
Human rights and distributive justice
Comparative law

Other activities

Junior and Senior international athlete 1968 - 1969
Project Supervisor, Community Service Volunteers 1985 - 1989
Trustee, Trinity in Camberwell 1985 - 1997
Trustee, Donald Robertson Memorial Trust 1987 -
Member, Access and Conservation Committee, British Mountaineering Council 2002 - 2006
Chairman, Library Committee, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, London 2002 - 2010
Member, Advisory Council, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of London 2002 - 2010
Honorary Academic Member of the Property Bar Association 2016 -



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Articles, notes and contributions to edited books

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Other articles, reports and notes

The legal order of the queue (2007) [link]

A Note on Traditional Freedoms of Access [PDF]
(Paper prepared for the Access and Conservation Group of the British Mountaineering Council, March 2003)

Normative Interpretation of Statutes
(Paper presented on 12 September 1996 at the Cambridge Conference of the Society of Public Teachers of Law)

Family Property Law
(Report for the English Law Commission on the results of a national survey of public opinion (June 1972))


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